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Makalu (8,463) is the fifth highest mountain in the world. It is an isolated peak, located just 14 miles east of Mount Everest. Its size alone is impressive, but its structure, that of a perfect pyramid with four sharp ridges, make this mountain all the more spectacular.

It has proved to be a challenging climb, as only five of its first sixteen attempts were successful. Previously, it had been admired and studied by several Everest parties, but like so many other giants in Khumbu region, it was not attempted until the summit of Everest had been attained in 1954. A French group first climbed Makalu in year 1955.


Day 01

Arrival Kathmandu.

Day 02


Day 03


Day 04


Day 05

Transfer to the airport and fly to Tumlingtar. Trek to Khadbari (1040m).

Day 06

Trek to Mane Bhanjyang (1087m)

Day 07

Trek to Chichiara (1980m).

Day 08

Trek to Num (1560m).

Day 09

Trek to Sheduwa (1500m).

Day 10

Trek to Tashi Goan (2100m)

Day 11

Trek to Kauma (3760m).

Day 12

Trek to Dobato (3700m).

Day 13

Trek to Jark Kharka.(4800m).

Day 14

Hillary Base Camp (4600m).

Day 15

Makalu base camp (4870m).

Day 16

Higher camp.

Day 17-50

Climbing Period Mt. Makalu.

Day 51

Cleaning up Base Camp.

Day 52

Yak Kharka

Day 53

Mumbuk (3520m).

Day 54

Tashi Goan.

Day 55


Day 56


Day 57

Khandbari (1040m).

Day 58

Tumlingtar and fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 59


Day 60

Transfer to airport and departure.


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