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Annapurna (8,091) is an enormous Himalayan massif, the tenth highest mountain in the world. In 1950, it became the first 8,000 meter mountain to be successfully climbed. It is located east of great gorge cut through the Himalaya by the Kali Gandaki River. The mountain has the glaciers on its western and north western slopes, which drain into this gorge.

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name that can be translated as goddess of harvests or more simply the provider. Of Annapurna's many highs peaks, five are labeled using some variations of the name Annapurna. Of these, the two highest (Annapurna I and II), stand like bookends at the western and eastern ends of the massif.


Day 01

Arrival in Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 02


Day 03


Day 04

Drive to Beni (823m). Overnight in lodge.

Day 05

Tatopani (1189m). Overnight in lodge.

Day 06

Ghasa (2012m). Overnight in lodge.

Day 07

Lete (2438m). Rest and change porters. Overnight in lodge.

Day 08

Thulo Bugin. Overnight in jungle camp.

Day 09

Thulo Bugin pass. Overnight in river camp.

Day 10

Mristi Khola. Overnight in river camp.

Day 11

Base Camp.

Day 12-47

Climbing period.

Day 48

Cleaning up base camp.

Day 49

Thulo Bugin. Overnight in lodge.

Day 50

Lete. Overnight in lodge.

Day 51

Tukuche. Overnight in lodge.

Day 52

Marpha / Jomsom. Overnight in lodge.

Day 53

Fly Jomsom / Pokhara / Kathmandu. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 54-55

Kathmandu. Free day.

Day 56

Transfer to the airport and departure from Kathmandu.


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